Appeal by the Society of St Vincent de Paul, Holy Trinity Conference

Posted 17th February 2021 in Announcements

svp-logoThe Conference hasn’t had a church-gate collection since March 2020. Yet, we are getting requests for help continuously. We can only raise funds now through private donations from parishioners and we are most grateful to those parishioners who have been donating to us since the pandemic started. In this appeal, we wish to remind parishioners that our charitable work is on-going and that we can make use of all the help we can get to reduce the stress on our needy
families. You can safely donate in the following two ways:

(1) Put your donation in a sealed envelope which is addressed with a phrase such as ‘Donation for SVP’ and drop it into the letter box on the door of the Parish Office.

(2) If you have online access, you can log into and donate by card. You can also specify the location you want to help e.g. Holy Trinity, Dublin 13.