Pastors Desk: Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Posted 26th June 2021 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 27th June 2021 - Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Today’s Gospel has two stories. One of them is sandwiched between the beginning of another. We have the unusual combination of two miracle stories, a healing and a restoration to life.
Jairus, one of the synagogue officials comes to Jesus and falls at his feet and pleading him to come to his home and lay his hands on his sick daughter to make her better and save her life. Jesus is moved by his plight and immediately sets off towards the man’s home.

But then our Gospel switches to the story of the woman who has suffered from a haemorrhage for 12 years and despite expensive and painful treatments her condition has worsened. The woman comes and touches Jesus’ cloak declaring ‘If I can touch even his his clothes’. The moment she does, her ailment is miraculously cured. Jesus is immediately aware that something has happened and asks ‘Who touched me?’. The woman comes forward, aware of the miracle that has just taken place, and declares it was her. Jesus replies ‘My daughter - your faith has restored your health.’ He instructs her to go in peace and be free.

Now our Gospel returns to our original story. Officials from Jairus’s house come with the sad news that his daughter has died. Jesus tells them ‘Do not be afraid - only have faith’. Dismissing the commotion when he arrives, Jesus takes the child’s mother, father and some of his own company into the room and taking the child by the arm he tells her ‘Get up’. Immediately she gets up and begins to walk around.
Both healings teach us that Jesus wills life for all of God’s children.

Fr. Gerry

P.S. In recent days there is a lot of media speculation regarding the lifting of restrictions after 5th July due to the increase of the Covid 19 Delta variant. To avoid any confusion and further disappointment we are awaiting advice from the HSE and the Archbishop before we proceed with announcing dates for the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date so we can keep you informed of developments.