Pastors Desk: Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

Posted 19th June 2021 in Pastor's Desk

Pastor’s Desk 20th June 2021 - Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time/B

12th-sunday-in-ordinary-timeIt is a scary experience to be caught out in a small boat when, without warning, the sea suddenly changes from peaceful blue waters into exceptionally large waves. I remember being on a small boat while on a visit to Malta many years ago and with a sudden change in the weather our pleasant journey quickly became a very frightening ordeal. When we eventually reached the shore the sense of relief was very evident in the group.

We have all experienced fear, so we can appreciate how the apostles felt in the storm-tossed boat. They quickly shout at Jesus who is asleep in the boat, seemingly unaware of the danger and showing little concern for their plight.

This story of the storm at sea can connect with the trials and sufferings in our own lives. The experiences of illness, bereavement, disappointments, and misfortunes that come our way from time to time can severely test our faith. We can feel disappointed with God when setbacks bring sadness and anxiety into our homes. We might react angrily and question why God did not intervene to prevent this heartache. All these feelings are very understandable.

When we do not get an immediate answer to our prayers, we lose heart, panic and maybe even experience a sense of drowning beneath the waves of despair. Today’s Gospel should give us hope because it shows that Jesus is always near, hidden in the very heart of suffering. We need to have faith that he alone can give us the courage and inner peace that will cast out our fears on the stormy voyage of life.

Fr. Gerry C