Sacraments Update 25th August 2021

Posted 25th August 2021 in Ceremonies

Outlined below are the specific dates & times per the school, class & teacher as recorded at the time of registration.

In the event that you are unable to attend the date/time allocated to your child, please contact us by email and we will re-schedule you to another date/time.

Similar to last year’s Sacraments we will be issuing invitations for each candidate which will admit 4 people in total, i.e. the candidate & 3 other family members, this is what we must do to ensure the Sacraments can go ahead & we are trusting that everyone will respect & adhere to the restrictions.

Each candidate will be assigned a specific seat number & this will be specified on the invitation and we will contact you closer to the time with details of the how/when/where in relation to the invitations which MUST be brought with you to the Church on the day.

  Schedule for Confirmation 2021
  Schedule for First Eucharist 2021