Pastor's Desk 29th Sunday

Posted 18th October 2021 in Pastor's Desk

As a society we can never get away from the problems posed by status and rank. It was no different in the time of Jesus.

We also have a natural desire for the people in our lives to love us, care for us, and admire us. Like most children I remember asking my parents and grandparents from time to time if the loved me or my sister best. That old struggle about who is the greatest surfaces once again among the apostles. We hear that James and John are requesting favoured treatment from Jesus. Of course, this request was greeted with indignation by the other ten apostles.

Jesus tries to calm the situation by spelling out what he regards to be the new standard for greatness and status. While He makes it abundantly clear that success in his kingdom is not measured by worldly standards. There is no place in his community for anyone who is power hungry and motivated primarily by self-interest. He declares that ‘the Son of Man himself did not come to be served but to serve’.

We serve God best by helping and serving one another. Christ lived what he preached. His whole life from working as a carpenter in Nazareth, to dying on the cross at Calvary set an example for such service
Perhaps today we should all ask ourselves what is the stronger desire in my life? The need for recognition or power or the need to serve others? The choice is ours.

Fr. Gerry