Pastor's Desk 32nd Sunday

Posted 6th November 2021 in Pastor's Desk

Today Jesus talks about the scribes who wore their long robes and took up the front seats in the synagogue and how they expected to be greeted ‘obsequiously’ in the market square. In other words, they wanted to be seen and treated differently that their fellow women and men. They expected to be given places of honour while at the same time they took financial advantage of those who were less well-off. They engaged perhaps in the daily prayer rituals so that others would regard them to be good Men and worthy of God’s favour.

The widow on the other hand is willing to share the little she has with those in her community. Jesus is quick to point this out and commends the Woman for her generosity and humility while he criticises the Scribes for their hypocrisy.

We can all be like the scribes from time to time. Ok, we may not take financial advantage of those less fortunate than us, but we need to be aware of the ability of the human heart to want to be affirmed and recognised for all the good we may do for all the wrong reasons.

In God’s eyes we are all equal. When the Lord calls each one of us to our eternal home it won’t matter if we are a widow, beggar, priest. We will be judged on whether we loved God and our neighbour as we loved ourselves.

Fr. Gerry