Pastor's Desk - 2nd Sunday of Advent

Posted 4th December 2021 in Pastor's Desk

Many celebrities have special requests that must be taken care of in advance of their visit or appearance at a concert venue. They may demand certain types of food or drinks for example in their dressing room or hotel. In advance of the event, the sound checks are done, and the stage adjusted perhaps to ensure that their needs and demands are complied with. Similarly, when a head of state is planning to visit a country, months and weeks of preparation are spent ensuring that security is taken care of and the itinerary for their visit is carefully timed so that they can manage to keep on time and ensure a successful trip.

In today’s gospel John’s proclamation to his own contemporaries, of the coming of Jesus, makes similar demands from us as followers. It reminds us of the need to prepare a way for the messiah in our hearts. If there are any ‘valleys’ or ‘crooked paths’ that we have created in our souls or lives by living out our faith in a half-hearted way, or by some dishonest practice, or by harbouring grudges and failing to forgive, then this time of Advent is an ideal time to repair them and make the way ahead straight in order that we can welcome the messiah into our lives and hearts with a renewed spirit and commitment.

May the Lord guide each one of us towards Christmas with renewed strength and grace so that when the Lord comes, he will find us prepared to meet him with open hearts and minds.

Fr Gerry