Pastor's Desk 3rd Sunday of Advent

Posted 11th December 2021 in Pastor's Desk

Today the people ask John ‘what must we do’. He urges them to share what they have with others who are less fortunate. Christmas can be a time when we over indulge on many fronts. The amount of food and alcohol we may purchase. Expensive gifts that we may buy for each other and exchange on Christmas day. We can be fooled by the Television advertisements that we need lots of things in order to have a ‘Happy Christmas’.

But at this time of year, it’s also important to remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves. This weekend we have the opportunity to support those in our Parish community who need our help and support. The second collection today is the Annual indoor collection for our Local St. Vincent de Paul conferences and it replaces the usual Share collection.

It’s our opportunity to show that we care.

As we begin the 3rd week of Advent today the question we might all ask ourselves is ‘what must I do Lord in order to celebrate Christmas this year?’

Fr. Gerry.