Pastor's Desk 4th Sunday of Advent

Posted 18th December 2021 in Pastor's Desk

With Christmas just around the corner, the days of Advent waiting are almost over. In today’s gospel we hear the account of how Mary and Elizabeth meet, and we are told they were filled with joy. Experiencing Joy is one of the cornerstones of human living. We can experience Joy at the birth of a baby, the homecoming of family members for Christmas, finding employment once more, when we pass an exam, when we get good news after a health scare etc. so the types of joy we experience throughout our lives can be very diverse.

In today’s gospel we find the two women sharing the joy of the miracle of new life that is stirring within them. Both of their pregnancies were touched by wonder. Elizabeth for example was getting on in years and Mary was a virgin. Both of their lives had been touched by God and we are told that they were filled with joy.

All our lives are touched by God daily even though it may go unnoticed. Maybe during these final days of Advent, we might take time to reflect on how God has touched our lives individually so that we may enter a Joyful celebration of Christmas.

Perhaps our prayer could be ‘Here I am Lord, I’ve come to do your will’.

Fr. Gerry.