Pastor's Desk The Baptism of The Lord

Posted 8th January 2022 in Pastor's Desk

On today, the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we see how the use of water in Baptism provides a powerful symbol of the Holy Spirit at work. Water cleanses, and washes, away dirt. Water is vital for life. Without it we will dehydrate and become ill. And, like the holy Spirit, water is a God-given resource that cannot be destroyed.

In the world it is estimated that there are about 320 million cubic miles of water. The water cycle brings us the evaporation of sea water through the heat of the sun. The water condenses as clouds and then falls back to earth as rain. Then it either flows in rivers back into the sea or eventually sinks into the ground.

So ever since the creation of the world that water has been recycled, re-used, countless millions of times. If God loves us enough to give us free life through water, how much more will he provide for us spiritually? The waters of Baptism use that never-ending water supply to welcome us into the never ending life in the spirit.

Fr Gerry