Pastor’s Desk – 4th Sunday of Easter

Good Shepherd Sunday

World day of prayer for Vocations

The image of the shepherd and the sheep is one that we often encounter in the Scripture readings at mass.

In today’s gospel Jesus tells us ‘The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice, I know them and they follow me’. A sheep knows the voice of the shepherd, and will only respond to that particular voice. But we all know that sheep often stray away from the rest of the flock in search of greener pastures and before long they may become lost and cut off from the watchful eye of the shepherd.

In society there are lots of voices and things fighting for our attention, promising, riches, pleasure or satisfaction. Some of us do find happiness when we are distracted this way. But when we are spiritually healthy we can hear the voice of God in our lives guiding and directing us differently. God sends Shepherds to us, Women and Men to guide us on our way and bring us back to his safe protection when we are lost.

So today, we pray for vocations to religious life and Priesthood. That Women and Men will continue to answer the call in the service of the Lord. That families will support and encourage Daughters and Sons as they seek to discern if they have a vocation as one of his modern-day shepherds.

Lord, inspire Women and Men to give their lives to building your kingdom on earth.

Fr. Gerry