Pastor’s Desk – 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings are essentially about God’s call and our commitment in answer that call. The first reading and the gospel ask for total commitment by us in complete freedom. It has to be done daily with a spirit of love as true disciples of Christ.

While he is on a journey to Jerusalem, Jesus meets a group of men who initially seem anxious to follow him but they fall short in their commitment. When he tells them to follow him one man asks for permission to go and bury his father first. Jesus quickly tells him to let others take care of the burial and follow him instead. Of course, Jesus would always want us to take care and honour our families in life and death. What he is simply trying to do here is make it clear to the men that they should be aware of the harsh realities of life as a follower. The message is clear – if anything else stands in our way or takes priority in our lives, then we are not free to follow him.

Each day in work, at home, in the wider community we are challenged with a situation similar to these three young volunteers to serve the Lord through our daily interactions with others. That requires choices that are not always easy to make because they may conflict with loyalty to family and friends.

We pray for the grace to always follow him whole-heartedly without any doubt or reservation.

Fr. Gerry