Pastor’s Desk – 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today we read about the rich man who dressed in fine clothes, and dined well each day. In contrast we hear how poor Lazarus was in a pitiful state at the man’s gate, covered in sores and starving with hunger. The rich man does nothing to ease Lazarus plight. When he dies we are told that Lazarus was carried away immediately to his eternal reward where all of the hardship that he endured in life is now gone.  The rich man also died but unlike Lazarus he ends up in Hades where he suffers great torment. The man realises that he has been a fool for not taking care of others and in a vision he asks Abraham to send Lazarus to his father’s house to warn his brothers that they need to change their ways before it is too late. Abraham is quick to point out that they should listen to the teaching of Moses and the prophets if they want to be saved. But he hints that they would probably not be convinced ‘even if someone should rise from the dead’.

What had happened the rich man was that his comfortable lifestyle prevented him from seeing his need for God in his life and now he realises that he has been foolish.

In our world today there is a huge disparity between the rich and the poor. So much of the wealth is owned by a few. There are those who have done well in business and life who share their good fortune with those less well-off but they tend to be a minority. Today’s gospel is a reminder of how we should store up things in this world for the next, instead of just storing up things so we have a comfortable lifestyle in the present.

Fr. Gerry