Pastor’s Desk – Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King

Thinking of the end of time and what it could mean for each of us is not something that’s discussed very often these days. What will happen to us? How can we best prepare for that time or moment in our lives?

Today our Gospel seeks to direct our thoughts on the subject by drawing our attention to the last moments of Christ’s earthly life. We hear how he is condemned to death on the cross for claiming to be a King. Ironically the only crown he wore was the one made for him out of some thorny branches. They had written and placed the sign ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews’ over his head.  While the Kings of this earth might rule from a palace, here, in complete contrast, we have Christ the King reigning from the cross. His invitation was simply that people would give their hearts and minds and follow him freely, living their lives according to his word.

In our busy lives and world, we can easily lose sight of the truth that Heaven is our final destination. Today’s Feast is that gentle reminder or invitation to start living our lives the way Jesus taught us to live them and bring about a change of heart. His own lifestyle of service to others and respect for all should be the only inspiration we need to work hard to create a world of justice, love, compassion and peace for all in society.

Each of us is invited to make him King of our hearts and our lives in all matters.

Fr Gerry