Pastor’s Desk – 2nd Sunday of Advent

Today, the call of both Isaiah and of John the Baptist is “Prepare a way for the Lord”. We are challenged to sweep away the mountains of Sin, fill in the valleys of evil that cover our world.

As we continue our journey through this season of Advent, we are encouraged to take stock of our lives and to ask ourselves how best we can prepare spiritually for the forthcoming season of Christmas. We can be so busy preparing for Christmas on many levels but the most important thing for all followers is to make space for the Lord to come into our hearts, to heal those parts of our lives that need it.

Families are also under extra pressure on many levels right now. With additional financial burdens and homelessness for example. In those situations, it’s so easy to lose hope that things will improve in the foreseeable future and that Christmas will be happy and a peaceful time for all.

Today’s Gospel challenges us to prepare a way for the Lord by keeping hope alive in our hearts.

Fr Gerry