Pastor’s Desk – 4th Sunday of Advent

This week’s words are prepared for us by Kirsten Mahon our Parish Faith Development Worker.

As we enter into the fourth and final week of Advent, Matthew invites us to reflect on Joseph.  Joseph was faced with an extraordinary mystery as he discovered Mary was pregnant. Joseph is faced with a heart-breaking dilemma. His life is in turmoil because he loves Mary so much. Even after the angel appeared to him in a dream he would have had questions and worries in his mind as he faced this situation. However; he placed his trust in God and follow his heart, not allowing his fears to distract him from God’s plan for him. 

Joseph is a wonderful model of faith, his witness is one to reflect on and be inspired by. Culture and experience tell us to take control, to plan for the future, and trust in our own abilities. However; today’s Gospel asks us to trust in God. Life may get in the way of our plans, but we will have the strength to survive and thrive because we trust God who is really in control. Very often in life, God will call us to walk an unknown and mysterious path. Life does not always make perfect sense from a purely rational perspective. However; if we are to walk by the same faith that Joseph had, then we must always be willing to accept the mysteries in life and allow God to reveal them to us.

In these last few days of Advent, a season when we need to retrace the stories of new birth and the return of light, may we be inspired by Joseph to say “Yes” to God and draw nearer to something we do not fully understand. Emmanuel is God with us: do not be afraid.