Pastor’s Desk – 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

All our readings today define the Christian goal of eternal happiness and explain the attitudes needed to reach them. In a sense, they form the pattern by which we should live as disciples of Christ.

There was a lot of corruption in Jerusalem at the time Zephaniah prophesied but in today’s first reading he declares that the small number who have remained faithful will receive security and not vengeance for their loyalty. Saint Paul advises the Christians in Corinth to use their gifts and blessings from heaven for the good of all the community and not simply for their own advantage.

In his sermon on the Mount Jesus teaches the Beatitudes to those who are listening. They suggest a way of life that is expected of a disciple of Jesus and invites us to identify with those who are less fortunate, the poor, those who mourn, those who hunger and thirst for justice. They directly challenge the listener or reader to be compassionate, to be women and men who are not only pure in heart but in all things, and to become peacemakers.

When we reach out to our fellow sisters and brothers who need our support, however necessary, we are truly living the Beatitudes. By doing so we are sharing with them a foretaste of what the Beatitudes promise.

In Catholic school’s week, we need to teach our children and young people that we are truly blessed when we follow Jesus Christ in our lives, following in his way in all that we say and do. Each one of us is called to greatness and is precious in his eyes.

Fr Gerry