Pastor’s Desk – 1st Sunday of Lent

On Wednesday, we began our journey through the holy season of Lent. It’s a special time of spiritual renewal for each of us in preparation for the celebration of Easter.

Today’s readings tell us that we are constantly tempted by the devil and that each one of us should use God’s grace to overcome our temptations and failings.

During Jesus 40 days of preparation in the desert for his public ministry he must decide between using his life for his own purpose or choose to follow the Father’s plan and give it in the service of others. We hear how he is tempted by the devil who presents several ‘proposals’ to him. He found his strength in the words of scripture when he says, ‘You must worship the Lord your God, and serve him alone’.  At that moment, we are told, the devil left him and the angels appeared and looked after him. He conquered temptation by relying in faith on God’s word and authority.

We are all tempted daily in different ways to make choices that are not in our best interest. Jesus strengthened himself by prayer and fasting. Perhaps this lent we could use the time wisely in daily prayer to be alone with God and listen to his voice guiding us and not to the voice of the evil one whose purpose is to come between us and the Lord.

We pray that we may have the strength to remain faithful to whatever act of penance that we may have chosen to do this Lenten period.

Fr Gerry