Pastor’s Desk – 2nd Sunday of Easter

Today we have the amazing story of Thomas who was not with the rest of the disciples when Jesus came. When they told him they had seen the Lord, Thomas declares that unless he can see the Lord himself and put his fingers into his wounds he refuses to believe that he has risen. Some days later, when they are all gathered again, Jesus comes and stands among them. He invites Thomas to place his fingers and hands into his wounds so that his doubt will be no more. Thomas responds with those powerful words ‘My Lord and my God!’. Finally, he has the proof he was looking for. His faith is restored in an instance.

It’s probably correct to say that Thomas was devastated after his experience on Good Friday. He, along with the other disciples of course had thought that Jesus would always be with him and all his hopes for the future were now shattered. He was disheartened and disillusioned so his initial reaction and period of doubt was understandable.

There are times in life when our faith is often tested by the death of a loved one, or through a painful illness or some natural disaster.  In those times when the clouds of uncertainty are around us we often question our faith and the existence of a loving and caring God. However, it’s times and experiences like these that can strengthen our faith so that we enter an even stronger relationship with God.

Lord, I believe. May my faith grow even stronger day by day.

Fr Gerry