Pastor’s Desk – Easter Sunday

On that first Easter day Mary Magdalen went to the tomb where Jesus body had been laid and discovered that the stone has been rolled back, the linen cloths are on the ground and Jesus’ body is missing. She hurries to tell Peter and John what has happened.

Eventually over time it dawned on them the significance of the teaching of scripture that Christ would rise from the dead.

Easter reminds us that we are a resurrection people. It challenges us to move out of the dark tombs that life situations often create for us and invites us to move forward and out into the light. We do this by freeing ourselves from bad habits, addictions perhaps, anger or bitterness, prejudice.  However, it’s not always possible to roll away these ‘stones’ that block our way and prevent us from walking from darkness into light in one go.  We should never lose heart but continue our journey onward taking whatever time is needed so that God’s light can enter and dispel the darkness and doubt that may exist.

Easter reminds us that every Good Friday we have in our lives will eventually be followed by an Easter Sunday, and that Jesus will let us share the power of his resurrection.

‘I am the resurrection and the life’. Father, increase our belief in the resurrection of your Son so that the joy of Easter may be with us always.

Fr Gerry