Pastor’s Desk – 6th Sunday of Easter

Jesus tries to give comfort and reassurance to the shattered disciples that he will not abandon them and leave them as orphans. He tells them he will ask the Father who will send them another Advocate to be with them forever. Just as Jesus did not leave the apostles to struggle without the help of the Spirit he will not leave us alone either.

The English dictionary explains the word ‘Advocate’ as ‘an intercessor or defender: one who pleads the cause of another’. So essentially Jesus is telling them that someone will come who will always be there to defend them and support their cause or work from here on. This Advocate will take the form of a Spirit which will be invisible to those in the world who do not know him, but to those who do, that indwelling of the Holy Spirit will be evident in their lives and be a powerful force guiding and directing them in all matters.

The Holy Spirit is like a good counsellor or advisor always guiding our hearts and minds in situations where we must make difficult and painful decisions. Good choices that are life giving rather than life limiting. When we live in the light of that Spirit it allows us to see with greater clarity those parts of our lives where we need healing or to change.

Let us open our minds and hearts to hear him and eagerly respond to his promptings always.

Fr Gerry