Pastor’s Desk – The Ascension of the Lord

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord.

In our gospel we hear how Jesus appeared to the Eleven. With their period of preparation now over, Jesus tells the disciples that their mission has begun, and he challenges them to go forth into a world that might be hostile to the message they have to share. They might have to face much opposition, hostility and even danger.

Of course, Jesus understood it was important that they did not become discouraged by the reaction of some non-believers to their message. To help them in their task the disciples received the gift of perseverance through the Holy Spirit. Their task of spreading the word was never going to be simple and needed much patience, courage, and faith.

We too must persevere and never forget that the amazing power of the Spirit is endless and is with us in all our endeavours and the love of God that is constantly pouring into our world cannot ever be stopped.

Fr Gerry