Pastor’s Desk – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells his disciples three times not to be afraid.  Jesus knew how crippling fear could become; how it destroys our inner peace and prevents us from being ourselves.  He wanted those who followed him to be filled with confidence coming from a faith in God who loves us so fully.  To illustrate the depth of God’s love Jesus used the tender example of little sparrows.  Not one of those little birds, he said, falls to the ground without God knowing it.  God cares about everything he has created to the greatest extent imaginable. For that reason, no matter what our situation, we have no real need ever to be afraid.

Do not be afraid, said Jesus, speak your truth, have confidence in God.  He knows all of our innermost secrets and fears.  Nothing is hidden from hm, the Lord tells us, and he continues to be with us on life’s journey.  The only fear we need have is of losing our faith and hope in him, of denying his love for us.   Be not afraid!

As this is the last Pastor’s Desk until September, I wish you a pleasant and safe time during the summer holiday period.

Fr Gerry