Pastor’s Desk – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Vineyard is Ourselves!

God is all the time caring for his people and thinking of us, making sure we’re not endangered when he can help it. His care for his people goes into the heart of the Trinity, one of whom becomes one of us, for our sake.

He wants us to bear fruit, as in the second reading. He will give these fruits – and wants us to value them.

In our society today, we could say that in many countries child protection and care is better.  We are more inclusive of people who differ from us and the church is open to the whole human family. In Ireland we have more peace now than we had, but maybe not more justice, especially for our migrant people. These are some fruits. We miss out on some issues – the value of faith and community is low and sometimes in public or political life we go for the temporary and the illusory and the dramatic. The gap between rich and poor is wider than ever. We have had bad experiences of greed and financial abuse, even in the charities sector. Our care of the elderly leaves much to be demanded.

Looking at the gospel vision, we can ask how the vineyard is nourished. We find that the cornerstone of the Christian way of life is love, and the love is a person in Jesus. He is the one who will invigorate the vine…. Some will ignore him, some will follow. All of us are probably a bit in between. God sent his own Son into the vineyard of human life, not because life is perfect, but because love is. Jesus comes among us because we need him.

Imagine a situation where people try to do well and are prevented. Pray for them.  Lord, may your kingdom come, here and now, today.