Pastor’s Desk – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 Look to the Heart

There is a big problem with today’s story. In a good story Jesus always raises a question. It seems a bit unfair to be thrown out, having been brought in at the last minute, because you had no garment.  However, the garment means you want to be there and to take on the values of the feast. The garment is the desire of the heart to be a follower in name and deed.

God invites all, but expects us to come with a good heart. Often we see people around mass who seem not to respect it. They may not come often, but God looks to the desires of the heart. Maybe the non-churchy parents who want their child baptised know deep down that their love for the child brings them to baptism. Is that not a good reason? Or maybe the young people who come to mass because they have exams coming up and need all the help they can get?

While Jesus is totally the inviting one, he wants us to remain with him. The heart that follows is the heart that wants to love, and that desire is the wedding garment.

The man knew in his heart that he should not be there. Jesus sees into the heart. What we look for is the sincerity in what brings us to God and that can be different for everybody. Religion is firstly of the heart, and then practice. We never know what’s in the heart of our people who sometimes come in faith. You never can tell! Let God be the judge of that!

Recall a time you felt invited by God to help a neighbour.

Offer that thanks to God now.

Lord, make my heart compassionate like yours.