Pastor’s Desk – 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Love Thy Neighbour

‘Practise what you preach’. ‘Walk it as you talk it’. These are sayings we use to highlight that words and actions in our Christian life should harmonise.
‘Love is shown in deeds, not words’ is the ending of the Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises.

This is the criticism of Jesus about some of the Pharisees: they preached intolerable burdens of the law, and did not observe it themselves, nor help anyone to do so.

We find out how to be a follower of Jesus by watching him in the gospel, by hearing his word, and by living a life of love and compassion as best we can. We learn from how to relate to others by how he does this himself.

Every religion can get lost in the visible signs of it.  Titles in parish or a diocese can take over from the service requested from us.  Shows of piety can lead to the self rather than to God.  All in our religion should come from the life of Jesus and return to him. ‘You have one teacher, the Christ’.

Maybe today we pay tribute to the teachers among us, especially those who have taught us about our faith and guided us in the ways of faith.

Lord, teach me your ways, your truth
and guide me into your life.

                                                                                                                                                           Donal Neary SJ