Pastor’s Desk – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Well Done !

Why did the man in today’s Gospel hide the money? Maybe he was asked to be dishonest – to use the money for purposes that diddled others. At the time of this parable most money was made dishonestly. Today this could be like trafficking in drugs or sex, treating our migrant workers badly, paying off violence or buying in a way that diminishes others. The servant was an honest man and suffered for it.

Did you ever feel you were being compromised by being asked to do something that you knew was wrong? A person pressured into watching internet porn, or engaging in sexual activity, or trying out alcohol? They may feel they will suffer in the future if they don’t give in.

The godfathers of crime and drugs and violence have a lot to answer for. They are those that make money at the expense of others. This is one way of reading this parable: that people try to get other people to do their dirty work, and they can punish for not doing it.

The man in the end got thrown out by the greedy master – but from God he will hear, ‘Well done, come and inherit the kingdom.’

Today we are encouraged by the man who would not do the dirty work for anyone, would not take part in schemes that damaged others, and is the one who really ‘did well.’

Can you imagine when you or someone you know went ‘against the tide?’

Imagine Jesus saying to you, well done. What might it be for? 

Lord, may I be faithful to you always.

                                                             Donal Neary SJ