Pastor’s Desk – 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 Darkness and Light

The first reading is tough to hear and we admire Job. We talk of ‘the patience of Job’.  Job is the example and the hero of depression. He just had it bad. All had gone wrong and he felt no good, no hope, no meaning.  His family collapsed, his wealth disappeared and he cursed the day he was born.  He went through all of the depressions people have, but somehow kept that glimmer of light alive.  He never totally lost God, and God never lost him.

Depression is a huge illness. Many suffer; many are affected. Treatment can be of help, and the listening ears of friends as well as therapy is healing.

A great priest wrote….   At the worst of the burn out I couldn’t say mass, never mind preach.  Dry, empty, without light or life. Thanks again for the card you sent.  It means a lot to me now.  Funny, in the worst of my anxiety, nothing, no compliment and no reassurance meant anything to me.

There are many helps on the human level. There is the help also of faith and prayer at times. And the help of someone who listens, sympathises, doesn’t judge nor give easy cures. Love from God never ends even though it may not appear near just now. This is the Jesus of the gospel – bringing the grace of healing, of freeing from any evil, of constant love.

Imagine a time of darkness in life; picture it in its colour,

and imagine the bright light of Jesus penetrate that darkness.

Ask for help and give thanks for help. Give light, Good Lord,

to all who live in the valley of darkness and the shadow of doubt.

Donal Neary SJ