Pastor’s Desk – Easter Sunday

Our Celebration

    If we have a look around the Church we notice colour, nature, icons, water and oil. We hear joyful music and uplifting prayer. This is our Easter – our celebration.

    The next bit of Easter is to go and tell. Like he appeared in an ordinary garden and appeared to unexpected women. Who would have thought he would do that? He would still do the same!

   The divine Jesus also looks ordinary. They take a while to recognise it is the same Jesus, the one they knew and loved. We sometimes meet people who got a promotion  (or something big happened to them) and deep down thy are still the same person.  Jesus was new but then they realised that for now and forever he would still be the same, finding us and loving us in the ordinary, on our good days and bad days, in goodness and weakness.

    On our bad days he can bring out the best in us. Like his bad days brought out the best in him. When we can say little he sings Alleluia in us. He is doing us a world of good in us so that we can do the world a world of good.

    His words of resurrection echo today in all that is in this church, its colour, sounds, and above all in the humanity here. We will always have the echo of Jesus,  he is risen today: alleluia, alleluia.

Allow the joy of Jesus to fill your heart

as your breath fills your body.

Risen Jesus, be joyful in me, in all.

Donal Neary SJ