Pastor’s Desk – Passion Sunday

Two Parades

There are two parades of Holy week:  First, into Jerusalem from Bethany on the Sunday and Jesus being acclaimed as a political saviour.  People hoped he would triumph, that his followers would put him into power and all hoped he would get rid of the Romans.  Second, from Jerusalem outside the walls of the city on the following Friday, to Calvary; a man in disgrace.  A man carrying his cross, crowned with thorns, mocked and bullied and tortured. And about to be killed. Like the parade to a dishonoured graveside.

He had all sorts of followers – some like camp followers, some  terrorists, some people on the make for themselves, or the ones who stayed  till the end, like his mother, an aunt and a few of the followers.

The others were at a distance, they would come back, and would follow later to the end.      

We hope to be in that second parade.

Palms are for waving in triumph, then they die and wither.  The cross is forever, for all time. The cross is his love, and as we follow in this parade we show our willingness to console him in love to the end.

This is a holy week because a man like us, and one of the Trinity, gave his life for us.

Look at a crucifix and say, ‘what will I do for Christ?’

Lord, by your cross and resurrection, you have set us free;

You are the Saviour of the world.

Donal Neary SJ