Pastor’s Desk – 6th Sunday of Easter

The One Commandment – Only One   

    This gospel is like a vision statement or a mission statement from Jesus. About finding joy in listening to Jesus, how to live the good life and love one another, how to love oneself in the love of God, and in directing our lives to bear fruit that will generate love.

    It is so central that it is read at many really important moments of a Christian life. it is one of the most popular readings at a wedding, linking the love of God and human love at such a special time.

    Jesus’ love was to lay down his life in a specific way. Our love lays down our life often in small, unforgotten ways.

– Hours spend with a sick child or parent,

– years caring for someone ill,

– leaving home on missionary assignments,

– giving up something for the children,

– Working for peace/justice for the needy

The message is a big challenge in simple ways for most of us.

    Isn’t it a joy to know that the most enjoyable mystery of life – love, is the only commandment of God? This shows us that God is on our side:  His commandment is to do what we want most to do and experience – to love and be loved.  Even when the love costs us something.

Recall a time when you felt you were really loving someone.

Become aware that you were then very near to God.

Thank you, Lord, for love given and received in my life.

Donal Neary SJ