Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee advises the Parish Priest on matters concerning the finances of the parish, and prepares the annual accounts for audit.

Family Offering

Sometimes called the ‘outdoor collection’ or the ‘envelope collection’, this is the only collection that remains in the parish. The money is used for the daily upkeep of the parish church and property, staff salaries, resourcing parish groups, light and heat, etc., and for buying Mass requisites. The collection is for the most part taken up by a team of voluntary collectors in the parish, and most families have a box of envelopes for this purpose, though some prefer to pay by bank standing order.

Payment by standing order facilitates the tax relief that is available to the parish on charitable donations by both PAYE workers and the self-employed, and can significantly increase the value of your contribution. To contribute by standing order, please download and complete the Direct Debit Banker’s Order below, and return it to the Parish Office.

Direct Debit Banker's Order

You will need your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) to complete the form: you can find these on your bank statement or online banking app, or get them by entering your sort code and account number here.

Collections at Mass

The first collection at Mass is used for the support of the priests of the parish and the sick and retired priests of the Diocese. The collection is lodged each week in a central account in the Diocese from which every priest is paid a weekly wage.

The second collection goes to SHARE, the Diocesan Administration and Development Fund. This fund supports the staff in Archbishop’s House and the Diocesan Offices, and parishes across the Diocese are supported with their debt for building or refurbishment. The collection is lodged each week to the Diocesan SHARE Account.