This page lists the volunteer groups active in Holy Trinity Parish. For more information on what these groups do or to find out what you can do to help, please contact the Parish Office or complete the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Adoration Society
A society will be formed from those who have put their name down on the rota for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament each Monday.

Altar Flower Society
The group decorates the Church for special Feasts and through the year with flowers. They meet at Holy Trinity Church before the special feasts and at other intervals throughout the year.

Altar Servers
The Altar Servers assist the priests at Mass and other church ceremonies. Membership is open to young people who have received their First Holy Communion.

Baptism Preparation Team
The Baptism Preparation Team helps those preparing for the sacrament of Baptism to understand the significance of the sacrament and the processes involved.

Bethany Support Group
This is a support group for those who have been bereaved after the death of a loved on. It is parish based and we wish to see if there is an interest in establishing such a group in this parish. If you have lost a loved one and feel this kind of group could be helpful to you then please sign up for this group.

Cell Groups
A cell consists of eight to twelve members. They meet in homes in the Parish once a fortnight for bible study and prayer. The plan is to split the group after a time to form new cells. Meetings last approximately 1½ hours.

Choral Choir
This is a new group we are proposing. We have beautiful singers in our parish, both men and women, and we hear them particularly at the morning weekday Mass. We wish to see if there is interest in establishing a Choral Choir to sing at the 6.30pm Saturday Vigil Mass. If you have experience of singing in a traditional choir, or would like to do so, please sign up for this group.

Church Cleaners
The church cleaners meet every Tuesday after the 10.00am Mass in the church. Their task, which they do so well, is to clean and tidy the church after the weekend.

Communications Team
We are a large parish and distributing information around the parish is vital. If you would be in a position to give some time occasionally to delivering drops to the houses on your road or a neighbouring road then please sign up for this group. A vital role for this group will be the distribution of the monthly Trinity News magazine. Please be generous in signing up for this group and helping in any way you can.

Confirmation Preparation Program
This is a parish based programme of preparation for Confirmation. The team includes the parish clergy, the parish sisters, some parents of Confirmation children, the principals of the parish senior schools, teachers of Confirmation classes and the Parish Faith Friends who have worked for many years in preparing the children for Confirmation.

Environmental Committee
This is a new group who will plan and look after the external environment of our parish church with the planting of flower beds, hanging baskets and any other ways that would enhance the appearance of our church. If you are gifted in this way please choose this group.

Family Mass Group
The purpose of the Family Mass Group is to encourage the active participation of both parents and children in the liturgy. Re-established after a brief period, it relies on a core group of dedicated parents to help organise the Sunday Mass.

Helping Hand
The Helping Hand Group raises funds to help sick people in the parish to go on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. The raffle takes place annually and approximately 10 sick people are helped each year.

Justice & Peace Group
This is a new group who will report to the Parish Pastoral Council on how we as a parish can contribute to the promotion of justice and peace on a national and international level.

Legion of Mary
The Legion meets on Wednesday mornings after the 10.00am Mass in the Upper Room, over the Sacristy of the church. They visit homes in the parish and bring a statue of Our Lady to leave with a family for a week.

Liturgical Art Group
This group is responsible for the art and banners in the church during the seasons of the Church year. They meet in the church on Tuesday evenings at 8.00pm.

Ministers of the Eucharist
The Ministers distribute Holy Communion at Masses in the church. They also bring Holy Communion to the sick and housebound after the 11.00am Mass on Sundays.

Ministers of the Word
God speaks to us through the scriptures. As ministers of the word we have the honoured task of being the mouthpiece of God and our function is to provide a meaningful and prayerful reading of the Word of God.

Ministry of Welcome
Ministers greet and hand out Mass leaflets and welcome the congregation at entrances. After Mass they give out newsletter as people leave and they tidy church seats, aisles, porches etc. of any discarded leaflets.

Padre Pio Prayer Group
The group meet on the first Thursday of the month in the Church for the 7.30pm Mass.

Pioneer Total Abstinence Association
The Pioneer Total Abstinence Association members abstain from the use of alcoholic drink. They meet on the second last Sunday of each month in the church after the 12.30pm Mass.

Parish Family Offering Campaign/Indoor Collector
The Committee administers the ‘Family Offering Envelopes’ which support the financial upkeep of the church and schools. The committee is supported by a large group of collectors who bring the offering envelopes from their areas to the church each week.

Parish Prayer Group
This prayer group is open to all and meets in Holy Trinity Church (All Saints’ Chapel) on Friday nights at 8.00pm.

Parish Youth Council
Anyone aged 16-25 is welcome to come along to get involved in the Parish. The Youth Council will report to the Parish Pastoral Council on the issues and needs of the young members of our parish community and help in responding to those needs and issues. Be generous and sign your name for this group if you are in the appropriate age group.

RCIA (Right of Christian Initiation of Adults)
The RCIA is the way in which the church welcomes new members. The vision behind RCIA is that the initiation of new Catholics is the responsibility of all parishioners. Those who wish to receive Sacraments of the Church should contact the Parish Office. Those who would like to accompany candidates should contact Fr. Eoin.

The group operates the shop at the back of the church after all masses at the weekends. The shop is stocked with Mass cards and greeting cards for all occasions as well as religious articles, pictures, rosaries etc. Seasonal stock for Christmas, Easter, Confirmation and First Holy Communion is also sold.

St. Luke’s Gospel
As part of the Year of Evangelisation, Archbishop Martin has printed a beautiful copy of St. Luke’s Gospel. We wish to present one to each home in the parish and we need a team of people to make this happen. If you can help this important ministry please sign up.

Senior Music Group
The senior music group normally plays at the 11.00am Mass on Sundays and at other church ceremonies by arrangement.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
The St. Vincent de Paul Society meets weekly on Tuesday nights at 7.30pm. The Society helps those most in need in the Parish through home visitation, financial help and advice to manage their bills.

Trinity News Magazine Team
Trinity News has now gone monthly and is in magazine form. A group is needed to ensure that articles and photographs of parish events are organised for each monthly edition. Also important is the sourcing of local advertisers for each month from the plethora of service providers in our parish community. If you have an interest or experience in this area please sign up for this group.

Youth Group
Anyone aged 18-30 welcome to come along to get involved in the Parish.

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