Mass Arrangements from 3rd January 2022

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From Monday 3rd January 2022:

Daily Mass will be celebrated each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 10.00 am.

A Service of the Word with Holy Communion will be celebrated each Wednesday at 10.00 am.

Click here for details of Mass Times.

We continue to follow the current Government guidance that “religious services can proceed without capacity limits but with all other protective measures remaining in place” and continue to follow the safe practices detailed here: Church Notice - Holy Trinity

Pastor's Desk 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted 22nd January 2022 in Pastor's Desk

In today’s gospel Jesus proclaims that ‘the Spirit of the Lord has been given to him and that he has been sent to bring good news to all and also proclaim the Lord’s year of favour’.

That same message is to be spread through us each day. At the time of our baptism when the word of God entered our souls we received that challenge to spread his message of love and compassion to all we meet. We can help those whose hearts are heavy with the ups and downs of daily living. We can listen to those who are burdened by the sadness of losing a loved one. We can touch people’s lives and be healers but usually in very simple and ordinary ways.

However, if we want to be able to channel Gods message we first have to get our own lives in order. We need to look at ourselves and ask what is it about me or my life that would inspire anyone. We need to invite Jesus into our lives in order that we can see if we are on the right track ourselves and also ask ‘what it is about my life that might inspire others to follow the Lord?’

When God sends a messenger to us we pray that we may always welcome them with open hearts and minds and be able to discern what the Lord is revealing to us through our encounter with them.

Fr Gerry

Pastor's Desk 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

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There are currently several advertising campaigns being run this month to encourage us to give up alcohol for the month of January. Some are to raise funds for charities and others are simply for the health benefits we get from abstaining from alcohol for one month. Perhaps it’s rather ironic that wine forms a central theme in today’s gospel.

John tells us that the changing of water into wine was ‘one of the first signs given by Jesus’, but what does that mean? Well scripture scholars tell us that by changing the six jars of water into wine Jesus confirmed the goodness of wine. So, like many good things in life it’s not the wine that is evil but the abuse of it.

The changing of the water into wine also helps us to understand Jesus’ role and purpose in coming to earth. Christ came on earth to change people and to make all things new. He came to change us just as he changed water into wine. His presence among us is an invitation to change our ways and a call to new life in him so that our lives are changed for the better.

In countries where wine is produced, the arrival of the new wine from the annual harvest is eagerly awaited. Will it be a vintage crop? Will the wine taste good? In this new year, we drink the wine of the New Covenant and are filled with the joy and mercy of Christ.

Fr. Gerry

Parish Office Closed Friday 14th January

Posted 11th January 2022 in Pastor's Desk

As a mark of respect for the late Joseph Martin, father of our parish secretary Noreen Keating, the parish office will be closed on Friday 14th January.

We pray for the Martin family at this time.  May he rest in peace.

Pastor's Desk The Baptism of The Lord

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On today, the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we see how the use of water in Baptism provides a powerful symbol of the Holy Spirit at work. Water cleanses, and washes, away dirt. Water is vital for life. Without it we will dehydrate and become ill. And, like the holy Spirit, water is a God-given resource that cannot be destroyed.

In the world it is estimated that there are about 320 million cubic miles of water. The water cycle brings us the evaporation of sea water through the heat of the sun. The water condenses as clouds and then falls back to earth as rain. Then it either flows in rivers back into the sea or eventually sinks into the ground.

So ever since the creation of the world that water has been recycled, re-used, countless millions of times. If God loves us enough to give us free life through water, how much more will he provide for us spiritually? The waters of Baptism use that never-ending water supply to welcome us into the never ending life in the spirit.

Fr Gerry

Feast of the Epiphany

Posted 3rd January 2022 in Ceremonies

epiphanyOn Thursday 6th January we will celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, also known as Little Christmas or Nollaig na mBan.

The Vigil Mass for the Feast will be at 6.30pm on Wednesday, and Mass on the Feast Day itself will be at 10.00am on Thursday .

Pope Francis: Urbi et Orbi

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urbi-et-orbi-christmas-2021If you missed Pope Francis’s Urbi et Orbi blessing on Christmas Day, you can watch it here:

Urbi et Orbi: Christmas invites us to dialogue, unity, peace

Pastor's Desk 4th Sunday of Advent

Posted 18th December 2021 in Pastor's Desk

With Christmas just around the corner, the days of Advent waiting are almost over. In today’s gospel we hear the account of how Mary and Elizabeth meet, and we are told they were filled with joy. Experiencing Joy is one of the cornerstones of human living. We can experience Joy at the birth of a baby, the homecoming of family members for Christmas, finding employment once more, when we pass an exam, when we get good news after a health scare etc. so the types of joy we experience throughout our lives can be very diverse.

In today’s gospel we find the two women sharing the joy of the miracle of new life that is stirring within them. Both of their pregnancies were touched by wonder. Elizabeth for example was getting on in years and Mary was a virgin. Both of their lives had been touched by God and we are told that they were filled with joy.

All our lives are touched by God daily even though it may go unnoticed. Maybe during these final days of Advent, we might take time to reflect on how God has touched our lives individually so that we may enter a Joyful celebration of Christmas.

Perhaps our prayer could be ‘Here I am Lord, I’ve come to do your will’.

Fr. Gerry.

Christmas Mass Arrangements

Posted 18th December 2021 in Ceremonies

In order to ensure the safety of parishioners and compliance with public health guidelines, admission to Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be by ticket only. Tickets are available in the church after weekday and weekend Masses.

Click here for details of Christmas Mass times.

We will continue to follow the safe practices detailed here:

Church Notice - Holy Trinity

All Masses will also be streamed online via the parish webcam.

Farewell & thanks from Fr Matthias

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Fr Matthias is leaving us in mid January to return home to Uganda.  Attached is a letter of farewell and thanks from him.

Farewell from Fr Matthias

We wish Fr Matthias all the best in his future ministry and thank him for all his work here over the past 3 years.