Cemetery Masses 2024

Masses will be celebrated in our local cemeteries as shown below.

KilbarrackSunday 2nd June at 4.00 pm (prayers)
St. Fintan’s, SuttonSunday 9th June at 12.00 noon
FingalSunday 23rd June at 1.00 pm
GlasnevinSunday 30th June at 3.00 pm
DardistownSunday 7th July at 3.00 pm
BalgriffinSunday 14th July at 1.00 pm

For other cemeteries, visit the Fingal County Council and Dublin Cemeteries Trust websites.

Pastor’s Desk – 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Ordinary Jesus

Very often we notice the ordinariness of Jesus.  No big discourse on the kingdom of God. He just looks around him and says it’s like seeds growing and you can’t see them growing.

People knew what he was talking about – seeds grow down in the ground and you can do little about it!  You just wait.  They had little of the modern quick ways of sowing.  All life was slow and that’s often the way.

Like tiny beginnings of a baby. All through life some of the best things are under our eyes and we do not see them. Coming to death, there is a slow journey often and it’s like growth is happening under the ground.  We are being grown by God always, if only we would let him do it.

And how we help others grow. You may not know the faith that grows in your children.  Faith is different for all of us in practice and specifics. Or the way children are taught to love and it comes out in the next generation: seeing love in a marriage and learning from example to forgive, to live in peace with each other.  Seeds are sown and grow – how to love and forgive, how to share with our neighbour, how to face death.  When we remember our dead, what comes to mind is what they taught us about life.

A lot of the best in life is ‘waiting‘.  Important moments come at God’s time.  So much of life is on trust.

Have a look this week at something small

that will grow big, and be amazed!

Heart of God, heart of Jesus, we place our trust in you.

Donal Neary SJ

Pastor’s Desk – 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Who is the family of Jesus?   

Jesus seems here to disown his family. Does he dismiss Mary and his family?  He knew that he was not going down well with the family, and maybe wanted some distance from them. It is interesting that they came for him, maybe to take him home.

But he turns the family table on them. He expands his notion of the family.  Coming from God his father he proclaims that all around him are family to him – these are his mother, brother and sister. He will later teach them to pray, not My Father, but Our Father.

This is one of the central teachings of Jesus, that we are all brothers and sisters, because of our Father in heaven. From this truth, that Jesus felt so strongly about, came much of his preaching – to treat each other as family. This follows on from the debate about good and bad religion of earlier weeks.  The best of religion treats us all as brothers and sisters because of God. Our first and last belonging is that we belong to God – we come from God and go to God.

There will often be conflict in Jesus’ family about him. His first family did not take easily to his new family – his disciples.  Only at Pentecost, around the mother of Jesus, would both families unite.

His words are words to us today – he looks around at us and sees all of us as his brothers and sisters. This will make a difference as to how we see each other.

Think of different people and say within yourself,

‘you are my brother, you are my sister’.

Make me, Lord, an instrument of peace and of joy among all your people.

Donal Neary SJ

Pastor’s Desk – Corpus Christi

Gift for all Time

The main feast of the Eucharist is Holy Thursday. The Corpus Christi feast was originated partly to stress the joy of the Eucharist which might be somewhat lost in the more sombre Holy week.  While Holy Thursday also includes the washing of the feet, this feast is simply to commemorate the gift of Jesus in the Eucharist.

The body and blood of Jesus is the life of the Lord, ‘given to us’. This gift is for all times. At scenes where Jesus feeds the people in the gospel, much is always left over. This is a sign of wanting to give his love for the life of the world for all time.  This live, to death and resurrection, is commemorated in a real way at every Mass.

When a priest or minister gives communion, we are aware of the special moment this is for so many people. It is a moment of asking for help in life, for peace of mind, for the presence of the Lord. At a time of illness or bereavement we may recall the gift of grace when communion was brought to us. On our side it is our promise also to share the Lord in different ways of love in our own lives.

Remember a time when receiving Communion

bright you peace, joy or comfort.

It is right and just O Lord to give you thanks

for the gift of yourself in the Eucharist

Donal Neary SJ

Pastor’s Desk – The Most Holy Trinity

Father, Son and Spirit

When we think of the word Spirit can we think of something lively?  A sort of a flow of living water; a cycle race rather than a traffic jam.  The flow of life in us rather than the ways we block life.  It is the spirit of God whom we call Father, Son or Christ and Spirit. We live in that sort of love. The church is called to be that sort of community.

The Trinity can make God seem totally distant.  But that is not Jesus’ God. He is the one who gets right into life, bringing God into humanity as one of us.  Jesus talked so much about farming, weddings, death, illness, joys, trust, creation, nature, breakfasts, gardens, dinners; he is the God of the table more than the God of the temple. His spirit flows in all of creation, love, suffering and joy; He finds us in all things.

We need that big view of God. He makes everything sacred. Even the name Father, Son and Spirit.

Our call is to flow with him, to go with the flow of God’s Spirit.  We are the flow of God in the world.

We become what we receive – the love of the Trinity in the world. We become like Christ himself as we receive this bread of life, called to be his witnesses. By what we say and do, in all we are.

Give thanks to the Lord for his presence in the Eucharist.

Father, Son and Spirit, enfold me in love, the love of your eternal life.

Donal Neary SJ

Ordination of Fr Donal Roche as Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin

This Sunday 26th May 2024, the Ordination of Father Donal Roche as Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin and the welcoming of Bishop Paul Dempsey as he begins his ministry as Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin will take place in Saint Andrew’s Church, Westland Row.

The Ordination Mass will be livestreamed at 3pm on the day on this page. We hope will join us for this event via the livestream. Please keep Father Donal and Bishop Dempsey in your prayers.